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From Accolade comes Test Drive: Off Road 2, a sequel to a game of the same name. This off-road, rally style game features many authentic cars, as well as real bands for it's soundtrack. Even with these extras, this game still falls very flat.

You can play in a single race, circuit or multi-player mode. The single race allows you to just pick a car, a course and then race away. Multi-player mode supports up to eight people for LAN and internet play. There is also modem support. The career mode spans over 12 courses and pits you against several other racers. The courses range from Hawaiian islands to the French Alps. Some courses will have lots of mud, some more snow and rain. The cars that you can drive are all real, authentic cars like a Jeep Wrangler, Dodge Ram, and a Hummer. They all have a distinctive look and color. Some have better handling while others better speed.

The presentation aspects of the game is where it falls way short. Graphics are grainy and blurry, even with a 3D card enabled. Most of the courses are just a bland palette of colors anyway, as the trees and walls just don't seem to look that real. Lots of clipping happens too, not too mention the totally wacky physics which, thankfully, do create some wicked air time. Too bad, but the game just doesn't look good at all.

About the only aspect that I liked in this game was the soundtrack. Accolade must've had a bit of a time signing on Fear Factory, Gravity Kills and SevenDust for this game seeing how bad it is. Even so, they are about the only thing that is half decent in this wash of bad graphics and sloppy gameplay.

The lack of options and features also hurts this title in many ways. There is hardly any customization for the cars and the things you can alter in the actual game are very few. The control scheme is another awful aspect to the game. First off, this game doesn't even have a manual to tell you the controls, nor do the in-game menus tell you about how to move your car around either. Then, when you finally know the controls, you get to try and operate this huge clunky metal frame that is about as easy to control as a World War I tank. Also, since the camera is so sporadic and can never focus on your car, it is very hard to keep driving straight.

This game just doesn't have the modes or playability to make any kind of lasting impression. Multi-player support is a small savior for this title and the 3dfx enhancement is almost non-existent. A gamepad for this title will give you a slight edge in control, but not much. The only thing this title is good for is the music tracks and a bit of air time. This one needed some work Accolade.

Graphics: Not that great at all, even with a 3D accelerator. Grainy and blurry, lots of clipping too.

Sound: The one area I liked. Good tunes from Bands like Fear Factory and Gravity Kills.

Enjoyment: Sloppy and spiraic control, bad camera shifting and odd physics combine for a low rating.

Replay Value: Not many modes at all. It does have a single-player mode and multiplayer support, but no real game variations like in other racers. Options are very plain too.


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