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In Europe, football management simulations appear on the market with relentless regularity, usually to celebrate a major soccer event or the beginning of the new season.

Electronic Arts is noted for their high quality simulations and F.A. Premier League Football Manager 2000 is no exception to this ongoing rule. The overall ambition of the game is complex in that you must lead your selected (i.e., favorite) team to the top of the English Premier League, not only by playing excellent soccer on the pitch but also by managing every aspect of the team. This means balancing budgets, transferring players, buying in new talent, training your players, choosing the tactics to employ for the next match (after researching the opponent's recent form) and even stocking up the club shop and food outlets to bring in as much revenue as possible.

Not only are you responsible for the first team but you also take on management of the reserve and youth teams!

This sounds like a massive challenge, and it is, but the game will appeal to soccer fans and strategy enthusiasts. The scene is set with an impressive and atmospheric title sequence that leads into realistically clear 3D rendered players, kits and stadiums from which to choose. After the initial information overload, the game starts to run smoothly and, eventually, after much juggling, you'll finally arrive at match day.

This is where you'll either love the game or hate it. Once you start to watch the whole match, there's no going back; you can't change your tactics half way through, nor can you speed up the match itself. Luckily, the graphics are so colorful and detailed, the soccer match itself is fun to sit through.

If you are a dedicated soccer fan, very into the statistics and players of your favorite team, then this game is for you. If you enjoy strategy games and are bored with planning campaigns against foreign armies or invading aliens, then this game will also appeal to you. But, if you love a thrilling game of soccer and like to have control of every ball that comes your way, then you may find this game doesn't hold your attention for too long. Even the eight-player multi-player option and the free bundled gamepad may not make F.A. Premier League Football Manager 2000 as addictive as it could be.

And that is a great shame because a great deal of work has gone into the game and it does grow on you.

Graphics: Very clear and well rendered.

Sound: Authentic match sounds and voices.

Enjoyment: Control during the actual matches is not as good as it could have been.

Replay Value: There are plenty of options from which to choose, including team and player selection and tactics to be used.


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