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NBA Live 2000 for the PC showcases a "Face in Game" creation feature and several new game modes. Players can participate in an Exhibition, Season, Playoffs, Michael Jordan 1-on-1, and 3-point Shoot-Out. Many of these modes can also be played over the Internet or on a LAN. Rosters and teams from the 1999-2000 NBA season are included, as well as many basketball "greats," such as Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.

The player-creation feature allows you to create an onscreen persona of anyone you wish. Also, thanks to the "Face in Game" feature, you can scan in a photograph of yourself, select it in the create-player feature, and tweak it so it can be texture-mapped onto a 3D head for use in the game.

Don Poier and Reggie Theus provide the play-by play and color commentary for the game. The duties of the public address announcer haven't been overlooked either, as Al Murdoch does the honors for all the arenas. These features, plus a television-style presentation with statistics, slow motion, and instant replays are but some of the highlights of the game. NBA Live 2000 features both 3dfx and gamepad support to enhance the playing experience.


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