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Superbike World Championship is a Superbike game from the people at EA Sports. Get ready to go up against some real talent on the SBK circuit, as you try and battle for supremacy on your 200/mph motorbike.

Superbike World Championship combines elements of motocross biking with the speeds of Indy Car racing. You'll get to man one of several bikes, constructed by specialists at Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha. Each of these high speed machines can turn sharply and navigate narrow road ways if operated by a good driver. This is where you come in.....

Several modes are available for you to select. There is a single player mode, which includes single race, championship and time attack. The single race is self explanatory. Championship mode is where you can race the whole SBK circuit against cagey veterans like Aaron Slight and Carl Fogerty. Each one of these characters drives their own specific bike with advertisements and deckles on them. You go through the circuit and accumulate points and the highest total at the end wins the season. There is also a multi-player mode for you to participate in, which can accommodate up to 8 players over the Internet.

Another little feature in the game that caught my attention was a Superbike World opton. In this you can view previous standings and scores for old seasons and racers. Here you can also refresh yourself on the rules of Superbike or check out the "babes" of the Superbike World Championship.

Gameplay is visually impressive. You manipulate a very well detailed racer around a very complete and realistic track. The crowd is there, as is the feeling and speed of Superbike. The racers themselves are highly detailed, right down to the advertisements and names on their uniforms. The bikes also share this realism in their advertisements, look and sleek appeal. The Kawasaki model is my favourite. Just watching it rip around the corners is great. A 3D card is highly recommended for better graphics and smooth gameplay.

Other aspects of Superbike World Championship are where it falls short. The audio department is lacking in more ways then one, as you rarely hear much music in the game, just in the menus. Sound effects consist of droning engines and a few skidding noises and that's about it. Some commentary or voice work would've added something extra here.

Control is also a weaker area. Unless you have a gamepad, don't expect an easy time navigating these speedy motorcylces. Even with a gamepad though, the racers need to be controlled with precision and turns and curves should be anticipated, not over-compensated. They aren't necessarily bad controls, just hard ones to master well.

This title has all the aspects needed to be a winner, but does drop the ball in a few small areas. These small things set it apart from a few other racers. If the sound was more beefed up and the control scheme was a little easier, this one would've been even stronger. Even so, this is a title that is worth a look due to strong graphics and good atmosphere.

Graphics: Great looking courses and some phenomenal looking bikes. Right down to the deckals and sponsors on the bikes and uniforms. Good detail on the side of the tracks as well.

Sound: A bit of menu music and some droning engines. Some commentary or voice would've helped.

Enjoyment: The racing is fun, but a gamepad is a must. A 3D accelrator really helps too. Control is a little jumpy though. A neat little historical and reference feature in the game.

Replay Value: Multiplayer support and Championship mode are the two things that really help this area. The bikes are really cool, but there aren't that many of them.


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