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Roland Garros French Open 2001 is a quality title, and as a multiplayer game, ranks among one of the best sports games on the PC. For starters, the control system is superb, if initially a bit tricky. Move towards the ball and press one of the shot buttons (slice or top spin). Then, as you approach the ball, choose where to place your shot with the marker that appears on your opponent's side of the court. The quicker you get to the ball, the more time you have to aim your return. Simple, eh?

Multiplayer options include singles, doubles and mixed games for up to four people crammed around one computer. Each of the four surfaces (grass, synthetic, clay and hard) require a totally different strategy, with serve and volley tactics best for grass, and baseline hammering the way to play on clay. The ball physics are, for the most part, also very accurate. An umpire keeps score and you can take part in one of four tournaments including the eponymous French Open. There's also plenty of attention to detail around the court and some excellent crowd sound effects.

What will really rile you is that there are no real improvements to speak of from last year. The AI is marginally better, but still far too easy to beat even on the hardest level, and it's unlikely to take you more than a few hours before you've worked out how to outsmart it. You're provided with a selection of 16 fictional players of each sex, each with varying abilities, and a choice of racquets, which are a complete waste of time as it's equally easy to beat the computer no matter which one you use. Add to this the fact that the players still run with the same Neanderlithic gate as in OT2000, which makes them look like they're constantly stumbling as well as the fact that their arms are longer than a baboon's, and you start to wonder whether anything worthwhile has actually changed.

Roland Garros 2001 is a good game - outstanding in multiplayer - but it's the same as before.


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