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Professional wakeboarder Shaun Murray stars in this game based on the competitive outdoor sport, which is similar to water skiing but with a specially designed board in lieu of skis. The game features six additional pro wakeboarders, each possessing seven individual skill ratings and a variety of signature moves. Players will travel the globe while competing in three single-player modes, visiting a total of 11 locales from the busy Hong Kong Harbor to the red rock surroundings of Lake Powell. Each area includes boats, onlookers, birds, and other scenic elements to help draw players into the action.

As with previous titles in Activision's extreme sports lineup, the goal in Wakeboarding Unleashed is to perform an assortment of spins, grabs, and flips, such as whirlybirds, elephants, and 180s, while being pulled at high speeds by a powerboat. Tricks not only increase a player's score, but they also help extend the amount of time available during a run by filling a horizontal gauge called the groove meter. Another indicator, the special meter, allows players to perform more dramatic stunts in slow motion. Scoring points with standard tricks and combos helps fill the special meter.


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