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Designed for younger sports enthusiasts, Humongous Entertainment's Backyard Soccer MLS Edition features officially licensed Major League Soccer teams and logos, various playing fields, actual players, and loads of options. Before delving into the action, you choose from twelve teams including DC United, Kansas City Wizards, Tampa Bay Mutiny, Dallas Burn, and Chicago Fire.

After choosing the desired team, you select your roster from among thirty Backyard Kids. Ranging from Dmitri Petrovich and Cobi Jones to Stephanie Morgan and Briana Scurry, individual players have strengths and weaknesses. While some are endowed with power and precise ball handling, others buckle under pressure and lack physical prowess.

As the general manager, your mission is to assemble a team of capable players--if you don't, the opposition will exploit your weaknesses. While controlling the action, you and your players dribble past opponents, trap and pass the ball, and score amazing goals.

Soccer match-ups are held throughout various playing fields including the Cement Gardens, Dirt Yards, a vacant warehouse, Steele Stadium, and Tin Can Alley, with each field featuring varying surface physics due to terrain. Additionally, there are power-ups located throughout the playing fields such as an extreme Bowling Ball item that knocks all opponents flat on their butts and scorching Cannonball items.

With the Season mode, Backyard Soccer MLS Edition features the B, A, and Premier divisions, a fourteen game season and the commencing international knockout tournament for the championship: the Astonishingly Shiny Cup of All Cups Cup.

Depending on how well you do, you and your team may receive an invitation to the Off-the-Wall Indoor Tournament. When, or if, you get burnt out on Season mode, there is a head-to-head mode for two-player action.

Backyard Soccer MLS Edition features play-by-play and color commentary by Sunny Day and Earl Grey, a wisecracking kid with a weird sense of humor. Additionally, the game tracks statistics and team rankings including goals, penalty kicks and individual player stats.

When the game was released, Humongous Entertainment ran a sweepstakes for an all-expense paid trip to meet with Cobi Jones. So what are you waiting for? Assimilate your team, kick some hooligan butt and win that overly shiny championship cup!


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