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Intended to capture the attention of the MySpace and YouTube generation, EA Tiburon has upgraded the character customization and online play in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08. Utilizing the GamerNet online community, players can view, create, and play user-created content. Both offline and online gamers can use the "Game Face" system to develop a character for use on the green. By uploading photos, players can create an avatar that looks exactly like them or alter their appearance with different hairstyles, clothing, facial features, and accessories.

As single-gamers work through 15 courses including Boston, Westchester, and Cog Hill, they might make a difficult shot that is worthy of copying. Players can save the shot, and upload it onto GamerNet for others to view. After a point value is assigned to the shot, other gamers can attempt to beat the high score and earn points of their own. Additionally, there are themed channels that players can visit including "Grip It and Rip It," "Single Hole Challenge," "18 Hole Showdown," and "Nine Hole Challenge."


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