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The "2012" edition of Tiger Woods PGA Tour is the first in the long-running golf series to feature a virtual re-creation of the famous Augusta National Golf Club, and allow players to compete for the coveted green jacket. The game's new "Tiger at the Masters" mode re-creates each of Woods' four Masters wins, and challenges players to match (or beat!) his scores. Another 23 virtual versions of real-life courses come standard in the game, as well, including St. Andrews, The Royal Melbourne, and Pebble Beach.

Through each hole in the tournament, a computer-controlled caddie is available to offer situational advice on strategy, shot selection, and green-reading. The game incorporates many of the series' other signature features, including a career mode in which players can develop a custom character and lead him onto the PGA tour. In other modes, gamers can golf as or against more than 20 professional stars of the sport. PGA Tour 12 also offers a revamped broadcast-style presentation, with commentary from Jim Nantz and David Feherty.

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