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NBA 2K13 lets basketball fans return to the hardwood for another season of action by offering them enhanced controls, upgraded defense, and a soundtrack hand-picked by rapper, media mogul, and executive producer Jay-Z. Gamers now have more control of the ball thanks to a one-to-one system in which the shot stick has been changed to the control stick, allowing players to dribble the ball like it's on a string. At the same time, on-the-ball defense has been upgraded and PC gamers can now shade their defensive stance in order to force the offensive player to his weaker side.

The My Player mode has been upgraded and once again offers gamers the chance to guide a young player into superstardom, complete with RPG-like character progression, while the Franchise mode also returns for those who like to run the whole show, and multiplayer fans can take on friends in local or online action. The influence of Jay-Z can be seen not just in the soundtrack, featuring songs by himself, Kanye West, Mobb Deep, and Nas, but also in the inclusion of the famed 1992 Olympic Dream Team, a feature that allows users to pit yesterday's greats against contemporary superstars.


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