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2K Sports' professional baseball series returns with the expected tweaks and changes that an annual sports franchise requires. The core play modes, batter-pitcher interface, and fielding system is similar to 2011's game, but with various refinements. On the field, players will master a new throwing system that requires a degree of timing to execute perfect strikes. Instead of pre-loading throws to a base, for example, players must allow their fielders to plant their feet to maximize a throw's accuracy and effectiveness.

On the mound and at the plate, the game's dynamic AI will have each pitcher and batter's ratings increase or decrease during the course of play based on the results of his last pitch or at-bat. Each batter-pitcher confrontation also uses Inside Edge scouting reports along with STATS data to incorporate actual pitcher and hitter tendencies. Hit variety has been addressed in 2012's game as well, with more physics-based results instead of simulated outcomes. Other changes to the presentation include more realistic looking mitts, new catcher animations, and more than 80 hours of added commentary from Gary Thorne, Steve Phillips, and John Kruk.


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