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This tennis simulation followed up Simulmundo's 3D World Boxing, while 3D World Soccer was the final game in the series. There is some sports management involved as the player you choose (from pre-built selection or from your own creation) can improve his skills (forehand, backhand, serve, volley, etc.) as he wins matches and prize money and moves up in the rankings.

There's 4 different play options: Singles Match, Singles Tournament, Grand Slam, and ATP Tour. You must be qualified to play for the last two options based on your current ranking. Beating opponents ranked higher will move your own ranking higher more quickly.

The playing view is directly from behind the player but as you approach the net it is scaled to always be appropriate for what the player would see from that vantage point. The players are viewed in large well-animated forms and even the backgrounds of crowd scenes are also animated. At the bottom of the screen there are player's photos and ability bar graphs as well as a small overhead view of the player's positions on the court.

Released shortly after 3D World Boxing, Simulmondo's 3D World Tennis suffers from the same good graphics/bad execution faults. You can choose a pre-created player or create your own to go through the ATP tour, beating opponents in the process of climbing the ladder.

Like 3D World Boxing, the graphics are the best thing in this game. Players are large and well-animated, and there is a lot of good detail in background scenery. When it comes to gameplay, though, 3D World Tennis is not nearly as robust as Great Courts 2, Advantage Tennis, or any other top-notch tennis game. You view the action from right behind the player, making it very hard to judge the distance between your racket and the ball. It is also almost impossible to change the speed of your shots, and the computer players are as bright as a rock: I won many matches simply by going up to the net and volleying every opportunity I have. Overall, a lackluster tennis game you can do without.

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