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Do you have a craving to go play miniature golf with your friends but the course is closed, or worse yet, there is no miniature golf course nearby? If so, now you can play with three of your friends at all times of the day or night and through all seasons of the year with 3D Ultra Mini Golf. Or, simply practice your miniature golf skills utilizing solo play.

3D Ultra Mini Golf is a fun way to pass the time with no game being the same twice. First, you have realistic putting action based on swing and speed of the shot as well as the angle of the putt and all aspects that affect your game as in its real life counterpart. You may choose to either line up the putt with angle and speed or use True Putt. This is an aiming feature that provides a dotted line emanating from the putter, showing the direction the ball will go.

Clicking and holding the left button of the mouse while moving it directs the force and speed of your putter. With True Putt, a colored arrow shows force and speed as you control the mouse. The various colors of the arrow reflect the optimum range from which to hit the ball.

As in real miniature golf, success relies on maneuvering the ball through tricky moving objects and figuring out the physics of the game. As a real treat, the game designers have included many surprises, some that work for you and some that are detrimental to your score. For example, a pelican may pick up your ball and drop it on the other side of the lighthouse nearer the hole, or, conversely, a bug may pick up your ball and throw it farther away from the hole or a laser might zap your ball, disintegrating it! Even the environment can affect your game. For example, you may have to putt on ice.

Because of the variation of surprises, tricks, and environment, along with the varied control of speed and force in striking the ball, no two games are ever the same. The graphics give you a feeling of being at a real miniature golf course and the game has a variable control setting that allows you to set the length of your course.

Overall, 3D Ultra Mini Golf is an enjoyable way to spend a few hours with friends or simply enjoy the fun of miniature golf without the logistics of getting to a real course.

Graphics: Somewhat realistic depiction but with computer enhancements and trickery not found on a real course.

Sound: The designers try to vary the sound effects but they still are limited.

Enjoyment: A great way to pass the time with friends or practice up so you can beat them at the real game.

Replay Value: No game is ever the same twice.

A 3D version of the popular summer pastime of Mini Golf. The game offers one course of 18 holes which can be played as front nine, back nine or entire course. A version of a skins game and playing against the clock are also featured. Up to four people can play and you can play over won.net (or whatever it is called now). There are also two different putting style, a traditional click and hold, and a move the mouse to swing version.

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems.


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