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Finally, after months and months of hard work in the busy metropolis you have decided to allow yourself a vacation on the limpid waters of the south seas where you will be able to engage your favorite sport : BIG GAME FISHING! But natives won't lose a chance to make some money of you: if you don't want your vacation to end in 1 day, you will have to catch not only a considerable amount of fish, but also the kind and the quantity of fish requested at the beginning of each day. If you should fail, you wont be able to pay the cost of your boat and buying gas, bait, etc...

So, renting a boat for approximately $60, you are ready to catch such predator fishes as black marlin, blue marlin, swordfish, or tunny. The gameplay includes the economical and strategical management in the port or open waters and fishing simulation in the sea.

In managerial phase you should buy an equipment necessary for the fishing such as Flares, Batteries, Lines, Fuel, and Sardines, examine the variable weather, set a destination point on the map, and navigate your boat to this point. You should have appropriate amount of fuel to navigate to open waters and between the ports. The biggest fishes are waiting for you in the northern deeper waters, so you will have to make a little money in the coastal areas before venturing to the north. Also the ability to send S.O.S. signal is available in case of very bad situation.

In simulation phase you should mount a line, assign one of five bites, move the rod up/down, accelerate/decelerate the boat, throw a certain number of sardines to attract the fish, and catch the fish to earn the money and honour.

The game has a three difficulty levels, it may be saved in progress and loaded later, and the highest achievements will be stored.

Finally you have some time off work, and now you wish to relax. As we all well know, there's no better way to relax than to go fishing, and that's exactly what you are about to do. Unfortunately, you haven't got a lot of money, so you'll need to make some on the way in order to keep financing your peaceful and enjoyable little hobby. Make sure you catch something big, so you can sell it.

The game is a solid simulation where you need to go out on a boat, catch fish and then sell those fish upon return to a harbor. There you need to buy new equipment and especially fuel for the boat. If you're stranded somewhere, you had best send out an S.O.S. and hope somebody rescues you. The graphics in Big Game Fishing are nicely drawn, but there's very little animation (only on the boat when you see the seagulls flying and the rod twitching if you hook something). The sounds are not worth mentioning (mostly just some bleeps while lowering the line into the water). The game is therefore by no means a masterpiece, but it's still quite enjoyable.

For all who want to play something different (not just quick shoot-'em-up games or mind-boggling puzzles) this game will be a welcome relief. I suggest you give it a try, but read the manual carefully. It's not that complicated, but without it you'll never catch anything.

The manual assumes you're using a joystick. The keyboard is simple to use, but just so you won't get lost: the Shift key is used instead of the joystick fire button (you won't get any effect if you keep both Shift and Up/Down pressed at the same time) so release the Up/Down key and hold Shift to lower/raise the line.

Not one of my real favourites. I like the idea, fishing games are not that bad on average. But this is a hard one.

You're going fishing after a long time of hard work. You rent a boat. Now you have to pick some bait, fuel, fishing lines, batteries for your radio and more. After that, pick out a location where you want to go today. And then you're ready to fish, throw out your line and hope that a large fish bites your bait. But that's not the hard part, no, the hard part really is getting the fish into your basket! Try it yourself, I'm sure it will take some time before you get your first one in.

The things are not really realistic, but it's surely not made up... When pulling out the fish, you got to make sure the line doesn't break and you got to play around with the fish for a bit. But also the speed you're going at, influences the bait you have to choose. In deep waters, you're more likely to catch big fish and your chance of catching is greater. That's done pretty well. But the game is not addicting at all, I haven't heard sounds and the gameplay is not what I expect from such a game. Definately not the worst game around, but it could have been done a lot better!

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