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Based on the arcade game, Double Dribble is a basketball action game for one or two players. You can select different time limits for games, select teams, and begin playing! Gameplay is entirely action, so no time needs to be spent customizing the teams or with statistics. You control each player on the team one at a time (the player with or about to receive the ball will be human controlled, with the computer taking over the other players temporarily.) Some versions feature a small amount of digitized sound effects, and close ups of slam dunks.

Another C64 memory brought back to life for me, this time with the name of Double Dribble!

The game was made by Konami, the same people that also made Blades of Steel (the hockey game), where I even found out about this one (they placed game ads during the breaks in that game).

When I first played it on C64 I got really excited every time I was able to slam dunk, (even if I'd miss), because the regular screen switched to a nice little animation, showing the close up of the action. Looking in retrospect the whole thing seems less fabulous, but at the time it did impress me.

The PC version is basically the same as the C64 one, with very similar graphics quality and everything. It features 16 color EGA graphics, with the same smooth animation, but slightly awkward graphics and similar close up cut scenes of the dunking.

At the start up you get to select the one player or two player game. If you have somebody to play with I suggest you give the two player game a try (it's always more fun then playing against the computer). Next is the selection screen where you get to pick out the teams (there are only four to choose from: New York, Boston, Chicago or Los Angeles) and the length of the quarter (from 5 to 30 minutes) and if in one player mode also the difficulty level.

Then you get to play a solid basketball game, with 5 on 5 action and a full sized court (you can not see more than a half of it at a time). You can pass or shoot while holding the ball, or switch between player or try to steal the ball from the opponent (if you don't have the ball).

In order to dunk you need to be close enough to the hoop and you need to be moving toward it with some speed (or standing at the right position), otherwise it's just a normal shot (less spectacular, but still gets you the points). You can also try the three point shots, but you'll need to practice the release time. If you press throw you'll need to hold it for a while and just as the player jumps to about the maximum height he can, you need to release it (not the easiest thing to achieve - but that's why you get the extra point if you make it). After a foul there's also the penalty shot where you need to watch the yellow circle moving up and down. You should throw the ball just as the yellow circle touches the hoop.

During intermission you'll get to see both teams' mascots and a little show provided by the cheer leaders, which is a nice addition, but doesn't really help any.

I'd suggest you play the game with a joystick (if you have it), but keyboard set up would do the trick as well.

All in all a fun and solid basketball game you can enjoy yourself or with a friend.

Decent conversion of one of Konami's earliest hit arcade games. When Double Dribble made its debut on arcade machines in 1986, it was hailed as a revolutionary game in early competitive sports gaming. This basketball game offers both artificially intelligent computer opponents and player-vs-player competition. It was the first game to incorporate the national anthem in pre-game introduction, as well as cinematic close-ups of notable shots (e.g. slam dunks).

This PC version is naturally inferior to the arcade original in graphics and sound quality, but it does retain the fun gameplay of the original even if the keyboard interface is very awkward, and cannot be re-mapped to your preferences. The game is decidedly an arcade-style game: you don't get to play the entire league or tournament here-only the final game against LA Lakers in a fictional championship series. Anyone looking for a solid simulation of the sport should look elsewhere, as Double Dribble has a complete lack of coaching options. Meanwhile, arcade fans looking for a few minutes of dribbling fun will have a blast with this nostalgic old game.

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