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Lakers versus Celtics is a five-on-five basketball game featuring an NBA license for authentic teams and players. The action takes place from a horizontal view of the court as you guide one of ten teams from the 1988-89 season, including the East and West All-Star squads, in either a single game or a three-round tournament. The eight "regular" teams include the Detroit Pistons, Seattle Supersonics, Phoenix Suns, Utah Jazz, Chicago Bulls, New York Knicks, and of course, the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics. Star athletes on each team feature signature moves and animations, from Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's skyhook shot to Michael Jordan's air reverse. Make substitutions as the game progresses and view half-time updates and scores from the television-style "Electronic Arts Sports Network." Designed and programmed by Robert Weatherby, known for such coin-op titles as RoadBlasters, Super Sprint, and Championship Sprint.

Lakers vs. Celtics is a basketball game featuring real NBA teams. Gameplay is action-oriented with an emphasis on offense. Play an exhibition game or try to win the NBA title in the playoff tournament mode. A season mode is not available. You can substitute tired players but there aren't any other management options.

The DOS version has ten '88-'89 NBA teams, including the East and West All-Stars. You can play with some of the biggest names in NBA history including Kareem, Bird, Jordan and Ewing. Several star players have their own signature move.

Lakers vs. Celtics is an excellent basketball game. Although very old, it can still provide a lot of fun, since its gameplay is brilliant! There are many modes in which you can play, including against a friend. The team list is complete, and player listings are precise and detailed. It's quite interesting to play with all those now-retired basketball players. The graphics are somewhat typical of Electronic Arts' early-Nineties sports games - simple but functional. I believe you won't have any objections to that. The sound is PC-speaker oriented, so you shouldn't expect more than a couple of beeps and bleeps. Still, this is a very good and simple to learn basketball game that will provide you with more fun than most of the recent EA Sports titles.

This is one great game. Maybe even the best basketball game until the first NBA Live! title came out back in 1995. And, fortunately, it is very hard. Usual goal is in front of You - pick a team and beat the others during the championship and later in play-off. This game was actually the true predecessor of modern NBA Live! games and has some nice graphics and animated dunking (with the slow motion, heh). I really love it.

A nice Basketball-Sim, not a smash-hit but really playable. You aren't only able play the L.A. Lakers or the Boston Celtics like the name of the game implies - you can choose from more than that as you can play the entire Playoffs. The controls aren't bad, but somehow the game wasn't able to hook me. A nice choice for basketball-fans anyway.

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