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The game represents the most powerful European teams of 1992 season. England, Germany, Scotland, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, France, and Sweden propose the best teams of their premier divisions such as Bayern München, Manchester United, Celtic, Ajax, AC Milan, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Monaco, IFK Göteborg, etc. for player's choice.

Gameplay flows in side view, where soccer players are controlled either by human or CPU. There are two modes of playing. The first one is "Friendly match" for 2 players (playable only if a joystick is installed along with keyboard). The second one is "Euro Cup tournament" for 1 player. Different options such as match length (2/4/6/8 minutes), weather conditions (wet/dry), formation of the teams (4-4-2/4-3-3/4-2-4), and national anthems (on/off) may be adjusted.

Simulation of the players` team actions lies in the following. When the ball is near the player of your team, this player is selected as active and becomes controllable. As this player you should run to the player of the opposite team and take the ball, after that you may run with the ball, which is stuck to your feet, give a pass to another player of your team, or strike the ball. Your player may be moved in 8 directions. Your goalkeeper keeps your gates by himself. Camera follows the ball but with some delay, so the ball is often not in the center of the playscreen as well as nearest player of your team is not visible.

There is no ability to save the game in progress. So tournament should be played from the very beginning 'til the end during a single game session.

The game Euro Soccer was made in 1992, by a company called Flair Software. This is a normal soccer game, made to play with the best teams of Europe. In this game you can play alone or with a friend, and you can play with keyboard or with a joystick. But this game has some unique offers, like listening to the National Anthems of some countries. You can go to the game options and select the video card to EGA mode, the sound card to PC speaker, or turn the sound off, which I recommend.

In this game you only have two options to play. You can play a friendly game or play a tournament. You can configure the time in the match (example: 2 or 4 minutes), the conditions of the weather (this doesn't change anything in the matches) and you can also change the formation of your team.

In Euro soccer, you have several countries to pick a team from, and the countries are: Spain, France, Holland, England, Scotland, Italy, Germany and Sweden. And there you can pick the best team, like to play with Milan, Barcelona, Inter, Real Madrid, Bayern, you name it, pick your favorite European team. If you are the type that likes manager games, this is not a game for you, because in here, you only kick the ball, pass and score, nothing more.

The keys to play this game are the cursors, and the spacebar to shoot or slide to cut the ball from your opponent. After this, I have to give 3 stars to this game, Enjoy it.

Eurosoccer is a subpar football game from Flair. The game lets you manage one of Europe's best clubs in either friendly match or a tournament mode. A comprehensive list of teams and players aside, there is really not much to distinguish this game from the likes of Manchester United.

One positive aspect of the game - and one that is not common in 80's football titles - is good animation of players on the field. Players are much bigger than average, making it easy to tell what they are doing. But as Sensible Soccer proves, realistic player animation cannot supercede ease of control and gameplay varieties, and in this regard Eurosoccer falls far short of the mark. Try as I might, I could not pull off a curved ball at all in the game, and even volleying the ball is very hard to execute with the cumbersome interface and imprecise controls - good luck pulling off fancy shots like the bicycle kick. One to avoid.

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (1.74 MB).


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