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Football Manager from Addictive was the first game of its kind, and this sequel followed several years later, absorbing ideas from the many similar games released in between. Teams can now choose formations, and assign man-to-man marking. Players have individual skills and fitness ratings, in a more realistic way, with half-time substitutions and tactical changes supported. The whole 92-club league is incorporated, as is the League Cup alongside the FA Cup. It is now possible to watch and assess the individual performance of the players, with match graphics differentiating the attack / midfield / defense areas more clearly. Training allows passing length and height to be specified.

This is the last of the highly underrated Football Manager series made by Addictive. It started off back in 1983 on Spectrum platform and Football Manager 3 was published exactly ten years after the first one. It isn't their best, but it gives the fans of manager games a good chance to remember how it all begun. Unfortunately, Football Manager 3 gives us the idea that the game was placed on shelves too soon because it isn't as polished as its predecessor, Football Manager 2.

The game begins with the choice of the league you want to play in: English or Scottish. After you have made your decision, you have to choose if you want the Premier League, Division One, Two or Three.

After all the initial choices have been made, you begin the game in an office from which you are in total control of evething that goes on in the game, ranging from accounts to team training and personnel. In order to make your team better, you will have to buy new players, and this can be done by using the telephone. You can also turn on your virtual desktop computer and see what games you've got coming in the next few weeks, and you can also play the game and watch the action unfold in front of your eyes! Brilliant!

The match sequence in Football Manager 3 consists of a rectangle occupying half of the screen, (with no centre circle or penalty-box) and the players that are even smaller than the ones in FM1. The one thing that sets this game apart from the other managers is the excellent coaching method. You can train each player individually with elaborate tactics and in relation to the formation of your line up.

If you are fed up of playing Championship Manager, then this is the game to try.

Final entry in Addictive Games' highly underrated series of soccer simulation that began in 1983 on the Spectrum computer, Football Manager 3 is a disappointing game compared to Football Manager 2. It is not a bad soccer sim by any means, but given their track record, Addictive could make a much better game.

Football Manager 3 feels like a game that was rushed out the door too soon to meet the deadline. It has vastly inferior presentation and graphics than FM2, and infuriatingly long waits before the computer player makes its move. The match sequence in Football Manager 3 is downright ugly, consisting of a tiny little rectangular pitch and little stick players who are even smaller than the ones in FM1. The action is accompanied by inane and quite tacky commentary along the lines of 'Number Six has the ball', 'Number Ten goes in for the tackle', etc. Fortunately, the game has enough statistics and options to be passably realistic, and all the excellent coaching options that made FM2 an instant classic are left intact: you can train players individually, plan elaborate tactics and formations on the pitch, and so on.

Overall, fans of soccer management sims who have never played a Football Manager games before will definitely enjoy this last game in the series. Fans of the previous games will be disappointed at what is best described as an anticlimax to the series that could have been avoided with more play-testing and fine-tuning of user interface and presentation. As it stands, though, Football Manager 3 still packs enough punch to keep your interest for a few hours - until you get bored and go play On The Ball or Championship Manager instead ;)

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