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A 3D snooker simulator. The table and cue can be turned through almost any angle, with shot strength and spin as required too. An on-screen dotted white line shows the path of your ball, including the next bounce.

There is also a "trick-shot" mode, allowing you to recreate classic snooker trick shots (well, not the one with the basket. Or with the cues lying on the table. Or the one with the girl lying on her back with the pink ball in her mouth. But you know).

And if you dawdle too long, the balls pull faces at you. Honest!

Well, if you know snooker, you'll know almost all there is to know about this game.

You can play against another player or against the computer. If you choose to play against the computer you have four difficulty levels to choose from. The higher the difficulty level, the lesser are the chances of the opponent making a mistake and opponents will also snooker (try to force you into a mistake) if necessary.

Basically that's all you need to know, but I'll give you some more info. The game features a view of the table, where you can see the entire table (from either side) half the table, or have a close look at the balls. This means you'll be leaning over the table having the white ball in your sight and depending on your position, you'll see the rest of the table. This is used for adjusting your shot. You can even bring out the white line (from the menu), that will show you where the white ball will go (really helpful when precision is needed).

You get to adjust the strength of the shoot, the spin the position and elevation of the cue or you can put some chalk on the cue if you want (all of that plus changing vies can be done by clicking the little icons in the menu).

After you decide to take a shot your view will follow the white ball. You might get a bit dizzy if the shot was really strong :) You need to sink a red ball, and then you get to select one of the colored balls (that's the easiest way to describe what to do in snooker) and to select the color, you simple need to click on the ball you'll aim for. When all the balls are sunk, the winner is the person with most points. If you make a mistake (sink the white ball, hit or sink a wrong ball) your opponent gets the point and can either shoot next or force you to shoot again.

The sounds in the game are almost nonexistent, but the graphics are quite nice. You get the 3D view that follows the ball. As a little extra, there are also flies that start flying around the balls if you take too much time to shoot, or the balls may even tease you by making funny little faces (non of which effects the game really).

The game also features a really neat trick-shot editor. This means you get to set up the table and perform a trick shoot. Those can be really fun, but can also be a good way of practicing (otherwise there's a two player practicing mode as well).

All in all it's a pleasant snooker game that all who like snooker will probably enjoy, but it might leave the non-snooker fans a bit hungry. Have fun!

Excellent snooker simulation by Archer Maclean, one of the best known designers among Amiga lovers. The Amiga Games Database's review summarizes the high points of this revolutionary snooker game that set new standards for the genre:

"Archer Maclean was one of the best loved coders from the 8-bit computers, all of his games being highly acclaimed, especially DropZone and International Karate. When he released Snooker for the Amiga he excelled himself, producing an unparalleled simulation of the sport that can stand up proud with the best billiard sims on any platform, even now.

The game is a near-perfect simulation - the only things missing are the nap of the cloth and a more realistically calculated swerve option (though you won't need this most of the time). In fact, unless you're pretty familiar with the game already you won't notice such things. Almost all of the rules are dealt with properly (more than any of the old 2D snooker games) and in fact the only obvious failing point is a slightly dodgy free-ball rule. The computer opponents play a very respectable game, though they can be preternaturally accurate off cushions, meaning that safety play against the better players is unfortunately futile for the most part. It takes a little while to get used to the controls, both for aiming and choosing an appropriate camera view to follow your shot from, but you quickly learn your way around. Having to chalk your cue, likewise, is annoying at first (when you miscue, that is), but once you've played a few games you'll find yourself grinding chalk with the pros.

So the game is near-perfect. Why shouldn't you get it? Well the biggest problem with the game is that it is so like the real thing. If you don't like snooker and the thought of playing it sends you to sleep, then you won't find the game to your liking. If on the other hand you love snooker, then this is one game you really shouldn't go without." If you enjoy the game, check out the equally strong sequel, Archer Maclean's Pool, also on this site, as well as Jimmy White 2: Cueball, a great spiritual sequel released in 1998 by Awesome Development.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (1.50 MB).


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