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3 on 3 basketball game endorsed by Michael Jordan. Features digitized players and basketball court. 3d camera follows the action around the court, zooming and panning around. One of the first 3d engines in a sports game. No NBA Licensed players or teams.

Michael Jordan in Flight is a typicall basketball game, but with a twist. The perspective and control are unique in this game. Its done in 3 dimensions - and there were little, or no sports games at all, that offered 3D graphics back in 1992, let alone digitized! I think this is the first game in which I encountered actual filmed cut scenes - and by Michael Jordan himself! However, due to the 3D engine that required heavy processing from the 66Mhz CPUs (which were state of the art back then), the actual players are very badly drawn, and there are absolutely no surroundings. This means no crowd, no hall, no nothing - the playing court floats in big black nothing. Still, if you try to ignore those facts (and it will take some time until you get used to it), the game is not that bad. You can play matches with max 6 players in total (3v3), but this is OK since the game would look too crowded from that perspective if there were any more players.

The game is not very realistic and player control can get a bit frustrating. It definitely will take some time to get used to. However, once you master the basics, its quite fun to play. You can choose your opposing player and your team players (1 active and 1 on the bench) when playing a single game, or if you play a tournament, random opponents will play against you. Fatigue is also something to watch out for so you will have to learn how to call time-outs and change players (you don't neccessarily have to play with M.J.).

In conclusion, this game can get addictive if you're patient and give it some time to get used to, otherwise I would avoid this one. I'm guessing you won't be sorry if you download it and try it out!

Michael Jordan in Flight is a neat basketball game, one of the first to use digitized video footage of players, although the results are not very effective. It was also one of the first games published under Electronic Arts' EA Sports label and a nice set-up to EA's later NBA games series.

Despite starring basketball legend himself as well as a good 3D-bitmap-mix graphics engine with SVGA support (sadly just for a few older video cards), the game simply isn't that fun to play, and replay value is minimal. It offers 3-on-3 matches and tournaments and only supports mouse and joystick controls - no keyboard. Aside from Jordan himself, other players look very much alike, and the controls are not user-friendly. The best features of the game are probably multiple camera angles and the ability to create your own highlight films with "Video-Edit Lab" feature.

Other than the novelty and star power, the game has very little else to offer. Fun for a while if you're a Jordan fan or want to see how (awful) digitized video would look in a basketball game. If you really want to play a good basketball game, better stick to EA's earlier classics One on One or Lakers vs. Celtics.

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