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In Papyrus' third racing game, the focus is moved from open-wheeled cars (IndyCar Racing) to closed-cockpit Nascar stock cars. 640x480 is the highest resolution on offer, on the CD-ROM version.

Nascar Racing is a detailed simulation with realistic car models, accurate controls and room for a distinct racing style. Nine tracks are featured, the Watkins Glen road course alongside oval racing. You have full control over the car's set up and paint job.

To reach a wide audience, various driving aids are available, such as auto-shifting and auto-braking. Races can be fine-tuned with the amount of laps.

One of the notable features is drafting, by which you can position your car just inches off the rear of competitors in front of you. When in this aerodynamically optimal position, you gain acceleration, conserve fuel and place less stress on the mechanical parts. By timing right, you can also make a quick pass.

Let me start off by saying that Nascar Racing is a typical racing game, but extremely detailed. It can be customized to suite both an amateur and a hardcore fan, whichever suits you more. If you play with automatic settings you can have a pleasant drive around the circuit, but if you turn off the driving aids, turn on damage and decide to set up your car manually, all hell breaks loose :) There are two play modes. The first one is a single race mode where you can perfect your skills and find out the best car setups for all tracks (and there are quite a few). When you feel ready, you can enter the championship mode and race for the champion title. Before each race you can adjust various aspects of your car ranging from tires to suspension, fuel, aerodynamics and so on. As a little bonus for the true Nascar lovers, there is a special car paint shop (separate program) in which you can design your car to your liking. The paint shop is very detailed and you can even import your own logos so it can provide quite a lot of fun. The rules and game tactics reflect those of real Nascar so I won't go into details with that. As for the graphics, there are two modes - high and low quality. The high quality mode offers sharp 640x480 SVGA mode which is very pretty. The sounds and music are pretty cool and I recommend that you play the game in DOS mode so you can hear them as the game will be pretty dull without the sounds of engine roaring and crashing. All in all, Nascar Racing is one of the first detailed Nascar games and should be respected for that fact alone. Try it out!

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