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IndyCar Racing is Papyrus' second racing game, four years after the release of Indianapolis 500. With an official license, all the real track names and designs are available (eight in total), with authentic sponsors and logos. Other features include multiple TV-type replays, a comprehensive garage and setup routine and breakaway parts when making contact with other cars. This is a pure open-wheel simulation, based on the American races, with realistic car handling and room for racing techniques based on grip, ideal racing lines, and throttle-to-brake interaction.

IndyCar Racing is a racing game released in 1993 by Papyrus, which previously developed Indianapolis 500: The Simulation. At that time, IndyCar Racing was one of the most realistic racing simulations, featuring weather and wake effects, a crash model, and a car setup with a wide variety of options.

The game originally included eight tracks which could be driven in either single race, championship season, or preseason testing modes. The first expansion pack brought seven additional tracks, and a second brought the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. With these two expansion packs, players were able to play the whole 1993 season with all tracks and drivers.

Besides racing, car setup is a big part of the game. You can just use one of the three default setups or spend hours and hours testing, adjusting, testing, adjusting, testing... you know what I mean. A good car setup can make the difference between winning a race and finishing far at the back. Better yet, it can lead to new records.

For beginners, it is recommended to start with an opponent-strength below 100% and a short race length, but these two are not the only choices by any means. For example, players can control the weather, edit drivers, turn the crash model and yellow flags on or off, get steering help, and many more options.

A great feature is the instant replay function, with which players can easily watch an hour-long replay of the cars' performance from different points of view.

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