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It is a car racing game in which you can race in different tracks through 9 countries and where you try to show your real face by turning into the meanest Road Hog! And if you are good enough you can even have a chance to find yourself on a popular TV show, Dozer & Mushbrain-show which broadcasts nationwide!

Road Hog! is the first and only game developed by Teacy Entertainment. The game is from 1995, meaning that it already had a lot of competiton in its time (Super Karts, BC Racers and Micro Machines 2, just to mention a few). So, does this game posess something that could put it apart from the competition?

In Road Hog! you control an unnamed fellow who is tired of being Mr. Good Guy, so he takes his car and starts driving fast and crazy. Furthermore, the only objective of the game is not just driving, but also being best at it, and thus appearing in a TV show called "Dozer & Mushbrain". However, the story is nothing but a facade, because once we finish the game, there's no outro showing our character in the TV set.

There are nine different tracks in total, all filled with color and different landscapes, opponent, obstacles and weather conditions. Each track is located in a different country, and while it never specifically mentions in which country they're in, we can recognize US, Argentina, Iceland, Australia, somewhere in India and others.

The game only has one gameplay mode, meaning that you will choose the starting track, and then play another four in order to win. If you loose any track you will have to start all over again, but as there is only 1 lap per track, it won't be long until you get it right.

Road Hog! gives you the ability to create your own track, and if you're like me, you must be thinking about something along the lines of Stunts track editor. Well, no. This editor works in a weird way: when you open it, you will see a track in first person perspective, and while the camera moves as a car, you can change some parameters like steepness, curviness, width, signs, opponents and another couple of options. So the editor its not only weird, but also inflexible, since you can't do things like creating your own path or adding obstacles in specific places.

In conclusion, the game gets really repetitive and the tracks are not usually very fun to play as they are mostly nothing but curves. Having an editor that's so limited like this one, Road Hog! doesn't invite you to replay it very much. While it is fun at first, it wears out rapidly, so enjoy it while it lasts!

One of the wackiest, unique, and fun arcade racing games ever made, the premise of Road Hog! is simple: you're just an average guy who's sick of all the "nice driver" charades and decides to vent your anger on innocent living beings in exotic locales. What sets Road Hog! apart from other racing games is the creative variety of each track (e.g. race against the clock in some and other drivers in others; pick up yetis in snow track for bonus points, etc.) and a cool track editor option that lets you change curvature and other track features. Highly recommended.

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