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The snow-covered sequel to Skate or Die, Ski or Die has you shredding the slopes in a choice of five extreme-themed events. On the "Snowboard Half-pipe," you'll perform tricks to earn as many points as possible before time expires. "Innertube Thrash" has you competing against an aggressive rival as you both hurtle down the mountain on innertubes that can be damaged. Fling snowballs at pesky kids in "Snowball Blast," go airborne for style points in "Acro Aerials," and carve a path down a mountain in "Downhill Blitz." Start your skiing and snowboarding career from inside Rodney's Ski Shop, where you'll be able to enter in your name, choose the number of players, and sign up for either a single event or a complete series. Each event also includes various power-ups to boost your high score or improve your chances at winning.

Ski or Die is a winter-themed extreme sports game in which the player can competes in 5 different events:

Downhill Blitz: Downhill skiing event in which the player can make large jumps over chasms and perform stunts in the moguls section

Innertube Trash: Two players descend a mountain in innertubes. Score points by picking up items, perforating your opponents tire with a knife or fork and finishing first.

Acro Aerials: Ski down a ramp and score points by performing acrobatic jumps.

Snowball Blast: First person snowball fight. Score points by taking out little that attack your snow fortress.

Snowboard Half-Pipe: Put on your snowboard and score as much points as possible in a limited amount of time by performing tricks inside a half-pipe.

Practice a single event or try the tournament. The tournament mode has hot-seat multiplayer support.

Despite its simplicity, this game is very entertaining. You control a skier and you get to compete in various challenges. The diversity of this game is its main advantage. You can snowboard, perform acro aerial jumps, storm down a slope in an innertube, try your luck in a downhill descent or simply shoot down kids and various animals using snowballs. The graphics are satisfactory, but the PC speaker sound can get quite irritating so I suggest the usage of sound blaster or no sounds at all. All in all, this is an enjoyable game, both for kids and adults!

This game actually is a collection of a few wintersports. Downhill skiing, snowboarding, snowball fighting and more!

You will have to train very hard and later on, you can challenge your friends to beat you. With a nice multiplayer mode and very nice sports to perform, this game is actually one that may have caught you playing alot, a few years ago.

It's always been rather known and I think I really know why that is. It's a very good game with great fun aspects, kids will get a laugh and some challenge, their parents will get a few months of rest.

Unless they start playing themselves, because this is a game for the young and the old. Challenge your dad into a game of snowball fighting, snowboarding or tube racing and win!

Skate or Die and Ski or Die are collections of cool mini-action games with tournament mode, not unlike Epyx' "Games" series. Each of these games features 6 mini-games, ranging from the well-known (skate & ski racing) to some pleasant surprises (skating ring competition & snowball fights). They're both fun and addictive, with excellent controls, although not up to par with Epyx games.

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