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Enter the world of off-road racing as 4 vehicles will face each other, on a series of tracks which are based around flipped and reversed versions of a core selection. Fame, glory and bikini clad women await your victories and the taste of dirt awaits if you fail. Let a computer car beat you and you lose one of your 3 credits.

Successful races bring more money, which can be used to soup up their machine. Boosts to top speed, grip and acceleration can be purchased, and your nitro boost must be kept topped up. If you are desperate for upgrades, you can buy into your spare credits

Only your off-road driving abilities will be enough to pull you to first place in these races. Play alone or with up to 3 other players (depending on the version) in this conversion of a classic arcade game.

Ironman is one of those extremely simple, but also extremely addictive games. You get to drive a little offroad racing car against your friend or computer. On each stage you pick up nitro boosts and cash that you can use for upgrading your vehicle in between the races. So, it has all the elements you can wish, plus its simple, straightforward and a lot of fun. There are around 20 different stages but unfortunately only one type of car. However, this is not very important as your results in driving depend only on your skill as a driver. The graphics are nice & clean, but the sound falls back as it is practically nonexistent. Regardless, this game is loads of fun and I would recommend it to anyone!

Ironman Super Offroad is a fun old dirt track racer that is best played against a few friends (up to 4) on the same computer. Endorsed by Ivan "Ironman" Stewart, a famous dirt track racer, the game lets you drive huge buggies against other opponents on several course of rugged terrain.

The game is played from a neat third-person, isometric/bird's eye view perspective that lets you see the whole track at once. The controls are easy to learn, and the cars behave realistically. However, realism is not the game's focus: similar to many console racing games, the emphasis here is on playability and fun. Among other things, you can collect cash that mysteriously appear on the tracks every now and then. The money - cash you collect and prize money you get from winning races - is used to buy better parts for your car (better tyres, engine, etc.). You can also buy bonus items such as Nitro - the most useful item in many a racing game. Nitro significantly boosts your acceleration and therefore helps trip the odds in your favor.

If you are looking for a realistic car racing game, this is not one of them. However, if you are looking for a fun and challenging racer to play with a few friends, Ironman Super Offroad will prove to be both playable and replayable.

Ironman Offroad (a.k.a. Offroad) is so cool. You are these little offroad 4x4 things that race around the track. You bounce, crash, crash some more, hit walls, crash and then crash. It's all good fun. You can have 1 v 1+ sharing the kb (see Slicks for multiplayer keyboard sharing strategies e.g. biting, pushing, yelling, stealing the keyboard and running away).

This game has a lot of options when it comes to playing. You can play against the computer with up to 4 players total, you can play against others on the same keyboard as mentioned above. You can do one race, or a championship.

Oh, did I mention the nitro? NITRO!! You hit the nitro button; out comes some smoke and brooooom, you get a nitro boost. Of course nitro is not free, so as you travel around the tracks, you can get money, and special stuff.

It's got great graphics and sound for its time. Little cute cars etc. It's a lot like Micro Machines with its little trucks.

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