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SuperKarts is a fun arcade Go Kart racing game that features 16 tracks. The sequel is Manic Karts. If you're tired of all those technical racing games, try this: just drive and steer. You can also get numerous power-ups and upgrade your kart, such as Turbo, Oil and Grip.

It's time for some racing. Super Karts is a good arcade game. Which means it's not too realistic, but it's still fun to play.

There are two modes to play in. One is arcade style where you get lives and points by collecting money someone dropped on the track. The more money you collect the better. You will also get money for good racing results, so don't stay too far behind when collecting it.

Another option is a kind of simulation. This one is my favourite. You select either 1st or 2nd part of tournament or you can play the whole tournament. You will have to race and get points for good performance. The one who collects the most points wins. Again you can pick up money to buy upgrades (such as larger tank or better engine...) for the car. This is basically unnecessary on easier levels; however on harder ones you will have to do it. The difference in levels is the speed of the cars and their armour. Cars are much faster on higher levels of play.

Both modes have a pit stop - a marked place where you drive through slowly to get fuelled up and repaired. And both have arcade bonuses to collect (available at pit-stop as well). You can collect turbo (up to 5), super grip (up to 5), oil (your breaking oil). Turbo will make your car go fast and super grip will give you much needed extra grip on tight corners (computer uses these extras as well). Oil is a different matter. By leaking oil to the track you can mess up computers tyre grip. Your opponents will spin around like crazy, but if you leak too much of it on the road, your car will loose breaks and you will loose traction as well, so be careful.

A special feature of the game is that it creates a text based log file on your primary drive. It creates a nice table and you can check for current standings after any race, or all yours and opponent's lap times.

The game also has network play, and 2 player split screen. However I experienced key- jamming problems in the latter. Maybe if you try to set up different keys....

The game has good sound effects considering its age. Music is nothing special. I usually turn it off. Graphics are good. Playability is high, because it's for beginners as well as for experienced users. Its weakness is the fact that you can't play a single race. So I would give a 4 overall.

One of the best go-kart racing games ever made for the PC, Virgin's SuperKarts features excellent cartoon-style graphics, worldwide tracks, and addictive gameplay that strikes a good balance between car handling realism and playability. The game even offers multiplayer via LAN/IPX mode-- a rarity for its time.

Gameplay is simple arcade fun: choose a face and nationality for yourself, then jump in the kart and play either a quick round, or half or full season. You can choose the number of laps, as well as difficulty level (although "medium" is more like "difficult"). Although graphics are somewhat pixellated, the appeal of SuperKarts lies in attention to detail and a wide variety of tracks. Scrape a metal fence, for example, and you'll see sparks fly out of your kart with appropriate sound effects. Some tracks are set in undulating sand dunes, while others go through bustling cities and grassy plains. Random bonus items, such as turbo boost or kart repair, are scattered throughout each track, and they are always worth picking up. Overall, SuperKarts is a great kart racing game that plays similar to shareware hit Wild Wheels, only with beter graphics and detail. A must have for all kart fans!

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