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Formula One racing is recreated in detail in this simulation. You have the choice to drive a Ferrari 187/88C, a McLaren MP4/4 or a Williams FW12, each with different qualities. Rival drivers also have their own styles and strengths, and to win the World Championship you will have to master these. Pitstop timing and planning is crucial as well, although only tires are changed in late-1980s F1.

You can choose whether to drive a single race at Brazil, Britain, Monaco, (Western) Germany [Hockenheim], Canada, Italy, Detroit and Japan [Suzuka] or to drive a full championship on every track. Every Race includes a qualifying round. The graphics in the game are sprite-based.

I first came across this game on C64 and I must say I was more then impressed with it! The PC version seems to be missing a little something, but it's still a good racing game, not to mention it was top of the heap at the time it came out!

As you can guess by the name itself, the game is all about Grand Prix racing. There are three teams you can choose from: Williams, McLaren and Ferrari; and different difficulties. If you select the easiest mode, then the car will not respond realistically. You will not spin around, there will be no wheels spinning in vain and so forth. But if you select the hardest level, you'll get a very realistic simulation of a F1 racing car.

The game is in 2D, but it is graphically well done and it puts you in the driver's perspective. The main screen will therefore be the forward view out of the car, but you'll have some small screens where you'll be able to see the entire circuit, the gearbox, rotations and so on. The position of the steering wheel will be marked by a dot, so you'll se how much it is moved from the idle position. You'll also see the rear mirrors and hopefully opponents in them (instead of in front of you).

Pitstops are possible, but it is up to you weather you'll need them or not (it depends how many laps you'll choose to drive). I have to warn you though, that you won't be able to race a real race of over one and a half hour, as the lap numbers are limited.

Collision will pose a possible threat, but again it is up to the reality level, just like with other car problems (overheated engine and such). So if you want a simple arcade style racing game, you better select the easiest possible mode.

There are several circuits to choose from (my favorite is the Silverstone circuit) and you can either run a single game all the entire season.

Off course for every race you need to qualify and that will determine you starting position.

The game is very good and at the time it came out it was among the best (if not the very best) car racing game. It combines both realism and arcade fun and it is up to you to choose which do you want).

I'm not that much of an Action- or Sports-Game-Fan. But I like those old simple Formula One-Games. Don't come up with the new ones - far too complicated for me (I actually own a drivers-license, but that means NOTHING!). This one is quite simple, but very enjoyable - and VERY addictice I had to find out (ah... just ONE more round!). Only one or two rounds and you are familiar with the controls (only the arrow-keys) -. gear is automatic. You've got the choice between three different cars and you can drive the whole Grandprix. You even got to qualify - the race takes only three rounds - sometimes I wished it would be some more, but after all it's O.K. - the best Racing-Game I've came across. Now don't come up to me and send me others you consider better (you CAN do that, but please warn me, that there is a BIG e-mail coming, otherwise I will think one of my accounts is just not workin'...). You don't have to be a racing-fan to enjoy this game - simple and good, I really like it!

An early racing game that features all Grand Prix tracks and decent computer opponents. Climb into the cramped quarters of a Formula One race car as you race through overpasses, treacherous tunnels, snake-like curves and sharp corners. As in real-life Grand Prix, accumulate points on the circuit to become the world's best driver. Overall, a solid arcade-style racing game that's short on realism but long on sheer fun.

Drive your formula 1 car over different tracks.

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