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World Cup USA 94 is a top-down football (soccer) game recreating the namesake tournament. Beside the 24 teams who qualified for the actual World Cup, other significant footballing nations like England, France and Denmark can be drafted in. Tackling is difficult and passing is easy, making for a flowing end-to-end style of play. The presentation of the menus is largely icon-based, with the official mascot featured prominently.

This is fun, arcade-style footie game that's supposedly "endorsed" by FIFA as the official game for World Cup USA 1994. It probably doesn't deserve that endorsement, as it has awkward controls, too few moves and options (e.g. bicycle kicks are a pain to do, and players look like clones), and subpar graphics. Still, it does have every team from that World Cup, practice mode, and a decent trivia game. Overall, it's fun for a while, but boring in the long haul.

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