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Grab your mitt and a bat and head out to a dusty sandlot for a game of old-fashioned pick-up baseball in Humongous Entertainment's Backyard Baseball. Aimed at the five-to-ten-year-old crowd, this game features 30 kids as players to choose from as you assemble the ultimate neighborhood club and try for the Ultra Grand Championship of the Universe.

Select your team name and colors as well as its mascot, and then choose your starting line-up. Among the colorful cast of characters are ace pitcher Angela Delvecchio and top slugger Marky Dubois. Every kid is rated in running, batting, fielding, and pitching and has personality quirks that may affect the team. For example, Maria Luna is an average player whose skills explode if she's placed on a team whose uniforms are pink, her favorite color.

Once you're done with that, you choose the batting order and the players' spots on the field. To get ready for the season, you can play some batting practice or exhibition contests to get warmed up. There are ten fields to choose from.

Sunny Day and Vinnie "The Gooch" provide play-by-play commentary for each game as you march through the season and get ready for the playoffs. Power-ups are awarded if you strike out a batter or get a hit off a tough pitcher; they will boost your bats and pitchers' arms and can be used anytime during the game.

On defense, there are 12 pitches to choose from, including the wacky change-up the Big Freeze, which blazes through the air before freezing when it reaches the plate, and the Crazy Ball, which moves in any direction but straight as it barrels toward the batter.

You can track and print statistics during the 14-game season and into the playoffs. Player baseball cards, team photos, schedules, and trophies can also be printed.

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