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I'd always thought that squash was a silly game played by overweight and middle-aged executive types to burn off the worst effects of their business lunches. The obvious reason for playing it inside a big indoor 'box' is to stop the rest of us from seeing them at it and cracking up in helpless mirth ... That's still probably a fairly accurate description of the real thing but the Speccy version is something else.

It features all the basic elements of the sport with two players on court, one of whom can be computer controlled. The only thankful absence is the wobbling bellies and puffing and panting.

The graphics and ball movement are realistic but the computer chooses stroke for you if the player has been positioned with some reasonable degree of accuracy. There are four options of difficulty and I can say, from experience, that it's easily possible to beat the Spectrum at the easier levels. Squash is a well-crafted chunk of sporting software which, usually, isn't boring to non-enthusiasts of the aforesaid physical pursuit.

It won't cut down on the jolly old midriff bulge, but then nobody will laugh at you either.

Master the techniques necessary for hitting the ball against the wall and you'll find this an enjoyable game. The lack of diagonal movement though is a pain, but not as much of a pain as playing the real thing. It's a pity that Jonah Barrington sounds like he's got a squash ball in his throat.

For many years this was the only squash game in existence, and it's licensed by one of the top stars of the 80s. Jonah calls the score, and claimed that the program could boost a player's squash skills, as well as provide entertainment.

Jonah Barrington's Squash features one and two player modes, with 4 difficulty levels. Accurate rebounds are implemented, and the ball's bounce is visible from its shadow. Realistic tactics appear to produce the correct effects, in terms of playing attacking or defensive.

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