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John Madden Football Limited Edition is high on graphics and sound and low on just

about everything else. The game, one in a line of Madden games from EA Sports,

looks like it could be fun, but it simply is not.

The graphics and textures of John Madden Football Limited Edition are awesome.

The field really looks like grass or turf. The fans look real. The end zone is painted with

the home team's logo. The sky is blue. A lot of time went into making this game look

good. Unfortunately, not enough time went into making this game fun to play.

The sound in John Madden Football Limited Edition is good. From crowd noise to

hits to whistles, everything is there. Madden even chimes in occasionally with a "Boom!"

A lot of work went into making this game sound good. More work should have been

spent on game play.

John Madden Football Limited Edition has several major flaws. The most egregious is

the inability of the human player to tackle computer opponents. There is simply nothing a

player can do to drag down a computer drone. When a computer player is tackled, it's

usually just dumb luck that it happened. Sometimes, a computer player will go down after

a tackle and then get back up and march into the end zone for a touchdown. This kind of

bug in a football game is unforgivable. Players can swarm their computer opponent. They

can dive. They can try to force the drone down. Nothing works. It is very frustrating.

Another major flaw in John Madden Football Limited Edition is the inability to pass

the ball. Football games rarely get the pass right. Games like Tecmo Bowl made

passing far too easy, allowing players to score at will. Other games, like Super Play

Action Football made it nearly impossible to complete a pass. Developers almost never

find the middle ground that is more true to real football. In John Madden Football

Limited Edition, the time between the quarterback releasing the ball and the time it hits

the receiver is unbelievably long. This lapse allows defenders to swarm the receiver and

knock the pass down. Pass interference flags? Forget it.

Finally, even though the game was released in 1996, forget about running it on anything

slower than a Pentium 100 with lots of RAM. I've tried it on a 486, a Pentium 60, and a

Pentium 100, and the slow agony of the game is dreadful on all three systems. Five

minute quarters take at least a half-hour to complete, even on the fastest machine I played

it on. If you try to play John Madden Football Limited Edition on a machine barely

above the minimum requirements, don't make any plans.

Overall, I was very disappointed in this game. the Madden games for Super Nintendo,

Playstation, and Nintendo 64 are among the best football games ever developed. I don't

know how EA Sports dropped the ball with this version for the PC.

Graphics: Excellent

Sound: Very good

Enjoyment: Poor

Replay Value: Poor

A port of Madden '96 to DOS, using the extra space provided by a CD to provide improved graphics and animation. Features 3D rendered graphics, 640x480 resolution, and John Madden announcing.

Over 500 players, 240 plays, and the ability to create your own playbooks. Trade your players, and sign free agents. Play single games, or entire seasons, against the computer or your friend.

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems.


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