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NFL Quarterback Club is a fun game for serious football lovers. The game includes all of the NFL teams and all of your favorite players. Though the control structure can be somewhat difficult and first and may take some getting used to, the power interface becomes second nature once you get the hang of it.

The commentary in the game is excellent, but if you ever get tired of it you can just turn the comments off. The music isn't bad and the graphics are cool and smooth. The only thing that is difficult is understanding and choosing the plays.

The fact that they took the plays right from NFL play books makes the game cool, though. You can also make up your own plays which makes the game even cooler.

Another great thing about NFL Quarterback Club is that it can be so realistic. The actual NFL plays, the moans and grunts, and the movements of the players all have an authentic feel.

NFL Quarterback Club is a fun football game for kids and adults of all ages. The game is as real as a computer football game can get, yet it is still fun and enjoyable. If you want to play a realistic, fun, and challenging football game, NFL Quarterback Club is for you.

Graphics: The graphics in this game were excellent. The player representations show extreme detail and an anti-aliasing technique was successfully employed.

Sound: The sound in the game was clear and enjoyable. The players made realistic moans and grunts and the commentary was good and funny.

Enjoyment: NFL Quarterback Club '97 became the football game that I most enjoyed playing. It was fun and challenging at the same time.

Replay Value: Several customization options keep this title challenging and enjoyable, game after game.

NFL Quarterback Club 97 utilizes many of the same gameplay elements seen in Madden NFL 97 - including the kicking T-meter, the three-quarter overhead primary camera angle, and the button assignments and controls. Player animations are fluid and realistic, and the player sprites have clearly visible jersey numbers and names.

The game also boasts a historic simulation mode. Players can choose among 50 different classic NFL game situations and try to rewrite history.'s December 23, 1973. The Dallas Cowboys are down 28-13 to the 49ers. With under a minute remaining, the Boys score a touchdown and recover an onside kick. Can you complete one of the greatest comebacks in NFL history?

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