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With this effort, Psygnosis recall the days when the likes of Hoddle and Waddle graced pitches around the country. Since then, football has developed both technically and in terms of quality. In gaming terms, however, Adidas Power Soccer hasn't.

Little thought or effort appears to have gone into this PlayStation conversion, and you have to wonder why Adidas have allowed their brand name to adorn the box. The low-res graphics are abysmal, players move with the fluidity of concrete, and apart from the comedy value of switching to the German commentator, the sound is sparse.

The uninspired controls are consistent with the quality of the rest of the game, and the developers obviously had a problem working out the mechanics of gravity. This extra helping of Christmas turkey will leave you feeling ill and depressed as you sit back in your armchair wondering why you bothered buying this - listen to us in future, eh...

Whether this was the worst game ever or merely the worst football game ever we couldn't decide and you shouldn't have to. Download any other football game but this.


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