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F1 Racing Simulation features both a simulation and arcade-style take on the popular motorsport with multiple camera views and 3D graphics. Test each track with the driving school option, which has you following a ghost car to learn each course's optimal racing lines, and use the built-in telemetry system within your garage to fine-tune your vehicle's performance in a number of key areas. Competition takes place on all 16 official courses from the sport's 1996 season. Up to eight players can prove their driving prowess online or via LAN.

This is as real as Formula 1 gets without actually sitting in the cockpit! And, F1 Racing Simulation is the only F1 game to feature the real drivers, the real cars and true-to-live renderings of all 16 circuits from the 1996 Grand Prix. A team of Ubi Soft developers closely collaborated with F1 Renault engineers to create a feverishly fast, shockingly real F1 game that will bypass its PC competitors to this year's Pole Position. Your palms will sweat, your heart will pound. In F1 Racing Simulation, you have to keep your nerve.

Driving simulations as a whole request intense time and practice. Leaving the beginning-racing fan with some gray hairs. F1 Racing Simulation defies all of the Driving Sims Stereotypes of today. F1 Racing Simulation allows you to choose between realistic and easy mode, where you can have varying weather effects, to oil spills and engine damage. As for the easy mode well do I need to explain more. The Easy mode puts you right on the track ready for arcade style racing.


So whichever style suits you real or easy, you'll have plenty of drivers to choose from 22 in all. Each driver has his won driving style and attributes making each race unique. The drivers are aggressive, doing everything in their power to cut you off or take away the line. Ultimately, you have racers who actually try to win the race. If the number of drivers isn't enough for ya, check out the all the tracks as well 16 in all. And they aren't any ole racetracks; you get 16 real deal courses to race on. Some or which are Melbourne-Australia, Monaco-Monte Carlo, and Interlagos-Brazil.


The Graphics in the game are very nice, considering this was one of the first generation 3dfx games. There are very impressive lens flares, fog, and rain effects. But most impressive is the good frame rate you maintain, even while driving around many cars.

Sound FX:

The Sound Effects are there, and are numerous. Ranging from the screeching of tires to gear changes. I especially take heart the massive grinding of cars. And the accidents sound and look cool. Hearing the explosions and the tire bouncing down the track get me all worked up *tear*.


Finally, F1 Racing Simulation ranks above all other Driving Sims. The development of the game was well thought out, as well as the gameplay. Nothing is more fun then following a ghost car in the time challenge. There are plenty of multiplayer options for you to choose from.


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