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With publisher Enlight at the helm, and development once again crewed by the old salts at Nadeo, Virtual Skipper sails back onto North American home computer screens in this third edition. As in earlier versions of the premiere sailboat simulation, players choose their vessel from a variety of categories, then raise the sails in one of six accurately re-created waterways from around the world. Virtual Skipper 3 offers races in the San Francisco Bay (U.S.A.), La Trinite sur Mer (France), Porto Cervo (Italy) Auckland (New Zealand), Sydney (Australia), and the Isle of Wight (United Kingdom).

To keep the simulation as realistic as possible, Virtual Skipper 3's follows an improved version of the International Racing Federation regulations. The single-player game welcomes newcomers, with tutorial missions designed to teach the basic rules and strategies, and also challenges veterans, through a series of increasingly difficult scenarios that rely on the physics and principles of sailing in minute detail. An included editor tool allows players to design their own courses and create new trials, once the included waterways have been mastered. Custom courses may be uploaded and shared with other players and online, multiplayer races are fully supported.


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