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Stunt Driver allows the player to control a '60s Mustang car and take on three different opponents in a virtually unlimited amount of courses (thanks to the included course editor). The player's driving style must be adjusted according to the opponent's behavior. Drawbridges, loops, banked curves, hills and oil slicks are there to impede the player-controlled car's progress. The game also features a replay camera complete with custom camera placement.

In the same year as the famous Stunts came to the shelves, another also very good stunt driving game came out, named Stunt Driver. Now I have to say it, I like this game less then the Stunts, there just isn't the right feel to it, but don't let that throw you off, as I still like this game very much and it offers features Stunts do not.

First off there's the simple fact that they managed to pack all of this stuff on less then 2MB of space and now to see what they actually offer on such a small (at least by today's standards) amount of disk space.

Well, there is the possibility of on-line multiplaying. I mean, how many games offered that back in 1990? And I mean there's really no way to top this feature off, still there are some other things working in the favour of this game.

The graphics can be set from CGA to 256 colours of VGA, with various quality ranges in between. The sounds include some speech which sounds awful through the PC speaker, so make sure you've got the Soundblaster configures (you configure the sound within the game option menu - brought forth by pressing escape). There's a course editor (just like in Stunts), but there are difficulty levels. So unlike with stunts, where you simply chose the opponent (varying in quality), now you have three levels of difficulty. As a rookie the road is all yours, but otherwise you get to pick out competitors and have a real race with them (several laps).

Also these opponents will try to run you off the track while overtaking and you can do the same to them. Too much of bumping and crashing can cause sever damage to the car, but there's even a way around that. There will be crowds rooting for you, there will be qualifying times and it will feel like a real race! You can even hook up the steering system to your computer and use it (instead of a mouse, joystick or a keyboard), so the game really offers you a lot of options and tries really hard to please, but there's just that simple element of fun which I seem to be missing and would rather go play Stunts instead, even if they do offer less.

In addition to all this, the game even has a special editorial menu, that allows you to change just about anything, from the level of detail, visibility, tyre grip, right down to the colours of opponents' cars. In order to start it, type cfged stock.cfg. And this is where you can even change the settings as to what collision might do to your car.

All in all a really good racing game, that offers tons of things you can do to/with it, but somehow that little extra something I'm hoping to get from a racing game isn't there. I don't know... I just prefer Stunts, even though this game is certainly worth a try!

Stunt Driver is an oldie stunt car simulation by Spectrum Holobyte featuring a 1966 Shelby Mustang ready for you to drive to perfection. The game is very similar to Distinctive Software's Stunts both in game design and premise, although not nearly as popular. There are various tracks to race on, ranging from a oval training course to more tricky stunt courses with loopings, bridge jumps and so on.

As in Stunts, the game also offers a course editor that allows you to design your own challenges. On every course you will have to qualify by beating a set time in training mode, enabling you then to enter a race with up to 3 computer-controlled opponents. But then there's also the option to link-up another computer to play against a friend (modem, cable, or network), something not found in the more popular Stunts. The graphics are okay for its time as are the controls, but one of the best things in technical terms is the excellent sound even through the good old PC speaker. During the race, there are various views to quickly look what's going on behind or left of you and the VCR-like recorder enables you to review your race later on.

Overall, Stunt Driver is a fun game that definitely deserves as much attention as better-known and better-sold Stunts (although it is admittedly inferior). Unfortunately, the game has a lot of problems on modern computers. A slow-down util is a must for anything faster than a 486, as the in-game clock and the computer opponents won't work if your computer is too fast. Highly recommended, especially in multiplayer mode.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (1.88 MB).


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