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World Championship Pool offers billiards enthusiasts a selection of real-life players in the following three game types: 8-ball, 9-ball, and Snooker. Games can be played as a single contest against a choice of opponents or as part of a larger tournament. Careful attention was paid to the game's physics, with balls designed to carom, kick, and bank as they would on an actual table. Players can put English on the ball as well as perform such moves as stop shots, jump shots, follow shots, and more. These skills can be tested in the Trick Shots mode, where players are challenged to sink balls using specific techniques. Players having difficulty in lining up their cue stick can access a Coaching mode, which guides them through each phase of the shooting process.

Unlike most games in the genre, World Championship Pool features human players carrying out the shots instead of a detached series of onscreen cursors. Among the 70 professionals included are Earl Strickland, Ralph Souquet, Dan Argent, Caleb Buck, and Alf Giovanni. In addition to playing as the featured professionals, players can create their own alter ego and embark on a career taking them to several different pool halls in the hope of becoming a world-class champion. Customization options include a choice of shirts, pants, jackets, and accessories to achieve a distinctive look. Winning tournaments and special events earns players trophies, which are automatically displayed in a Trophy Room for posterity.


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