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Never again wait for a table time in your local billiards parlor since "The Pool Hall Comes Home" with Maximum Pool. Seven classic tables, five original bonus tables and games, four adjustable skill levels, configurable video-captured computer opponents, interchangeable standard and "cool" shaped tables, and online play provide a diverse challenge for novice and expert players alike.

Classic games include Basic Pocket Billiards, Carom Billiards, Cutthroat, Eight Ball, Nine Ball, Snooker, and Rotation, playable on uniquely shaped tables or the standard rectangular venue. Difficulty settings control the distance of the "target ball" aid, and features include a ball identifier, auto aim, fine tuning, a quick shoot option, table view adjustments, ball spin, undo and redo options, turn passing, quick reference control card, and resigning.

The manual provides full instructions and descriptions for the entire cadre of game types along with gameplay strategies and tips. The bonus games consist of 24 Cents (first to score 50 cents or collect 24 cents wins), Chameleon Ball (balls change color), Mad Bomber, Poker (pocket the best poker hand from a special set of poker-playing balls), and Rocket Ball, featuring independently roaming balls that interfere with normal play.


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