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Sega returns players to the owner's box with the "2005" edition of the popular Eastside Hockey Manager. The game's menu-based interface is designed to give virtual managers accessible authority over franchise decisions at all levels, from scouting and salary negotiations to practice schedules and game-time tactics. New features in this year's version include informative depth charts, enhanced player trade support, improved statistics tracking, and better long-term budget planning. The game features simulated sports management of more than 3,000 organizations in 20 real-life leagues, including the NHL, with teams and rosters based on their real-life counterparts as of the beginning of the 2005-2006 seasons

Last year's highly detailed hockey management sim gets some new polish, just in time for the resurrection of the NHL. With a roster full of upgrades, enhancements, and new features, NHL Eastside Hockey Manager 2005 turns your quest for Lord Stanley's Cup into another addiction.

Instead of featuring conventional on-the-ice action, EHM finds you running a professional hockey franchise from the ground up, using real NHL details and statistics (updated for the 2005-2006 season). As the general manager, you must form suitable strategies for team marketing, player acquisitions, roster management, and in-game tactics--all in the name of making your team a winning one. Building a victorious franchise can be unnerving at times--EHM has no shortage of options to choose from, and with just a slight slip, the board of directors may hand you your walking papers.

The most important update here: expanded team control. Since real-life team managers always have their eyes peeled for hot young prospects, scouting plays a more prominent role in this year's game. Assigning scouts to search for talent from other teams and worldwide leagues increases your options for putting together your own winning club. Knowing the scoop on high-profile players and up-and-coming studs facilitates making advantageous roster changes, and the upgraded database of player statistical analysis handily assists you in the decision-making process by offering a clearer picture of player performance. The new bio screens also offer plenty of details on individual players' performances. In addition, new tactical options allow the general manager to form strategies based on several different styles of play, which really helped my Flyers' big attackers outman the smaller Lightning defenders inside the crease for an easy victory.

Don't be fooled by the meager system requirements--NHL Eastside Hockey Manager 2005 offers amazing depth of play for even the most discriminating hockey fans.


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