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Ok.. this is hilarious... You have got to fire it up just to watch the movies that are included.

The box says, "Write, direct and play your own animated shows with ten talking cartoon characters in 24 scenes. The only writing and creativity program that lets you... Create Characters. Pick from the coolest selection of characters this side of your computer screen. Personalize them with roles, moods, hobbies, and voices. Create a mischievous superhero who's into junk food and speaks in a quivering voice. Whatever! Set the Stage. Just click and pick to choose from 20 amazingly hip settings. Wildly conceived. Lushly illustrated. And delightfully detailed. Real scene stealers! Talk it Up. Type in anything and your characters will say it. In perfect lip synch! Add narration to set the scene. Even enter stage directions to make characters talk on the phone, eat pizza, and more. Put on a Major Production. Produce a polished performance complete with titles, music, sound effects, narration, dialogue and action. Then pass the popcorn to premiere your show for family and friends."

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