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"President Kennedy was shot during today's motorcade but is in good condition with what the doctors are calling a superficial flesh wound." With those words, you're off on one of the most bizarre CD-ROM experiences yet: Reelect JFK. You play President John F. Kennedy, who, having survived an assassination attempt, has 50 weeks to find out who shot him, pass the Civil Rights Act, decide what to do about Vietnam, and win reelection. The characters are fictional (except for Bobby Kennedy), but the political analysis is surprisingly acute, and the Boston accents aren't bad. Where the disc trips up is in slow access speeds - you could drive a motorcade between lines of dialogue. Not quite history and not quite a game, Reelect JFK can't escape the faint, unsettling whiff of exploitation.

On November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was shot down by an assassin's bullet. Since that time, people have wondered how history might have been different if JFK had lived to complete his first term. Would America have gotten more deeply involved in Vietnam? Would the Civil Rights Act of 1964 have been passed? Would he have been reelected to a second term?

Reelect JFK is a first person simulation that puts you in the role of President Kennedy. You have survived the assassination attempt in Dallas, and must continue on your quest for reelection in 1964. Along the way, you will confront key political issues such as Vietnam and the Civil Rights Movement. You will also face the challenge of discovering who was responsible for the attempt on your life. You will play 50 game weeks, which will take you from the assassination attempt in November of 1963 to election day 1964. Your primary objective is to get reelected to a second term.

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