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Continuing their Hard Truck: 18 Wheels of Steel theme, Sunstorm Interactive offers virtual "trucksters" a chance to build a trucking business from the ground up. Players begin with a small trucking company, bid on jobs, race the competition to get more lucrative contracts, and hone their business acumen by out-trucking the other companies vying for the same cargo. Truck upgrades, fuel management and maintenance, reputation, risk-taking, driving skills, and more are just some of the challenges facing the wannabe truck tycoon.

Trucking routes take the player across all 48 contiguous United States, with an option to start their business in 20 locations from Atlanta to Washington, D.C., as well as most other major cities. Three difficulty settings, a choice of six company colors, five modes of play (including a free mode) and more than 15 types of rigs offer a wide variety of setups and customization. More than 30 types of loads -- ranging from livestock and chemicals to mobile homes, logs, container shipments, and cars -- provide varying degrees of profit and risk. Police, weather, accidents, detours, and other obstacles increase the challenge of meeting important delivery dates.


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