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This first-person shooter combines elements of science fiction with conspiracy theorist paranoia and soap opera intrigue. Exodus From the Earth tells the story of Earth in the year 2016, when the sun suddenly and surprisingly begins growing into a Red Giant and rapidly transforms the surface of the planet into a hellish wasteland. Humanity's only chance for survival is adapting to live in outer space, or finding a new planet to colonize. At odds are the A.X. Corporation, a pan-global company that discovered a mineral which will allow humans to survive in any extraterrestrial environment, and The Intelligence Agency, a government organization looking into the disappearance of John Rick, an astronaut who allegedly discovered a new, remarkably Earth-like planet.

The Agency suspects the A.X. Corporation of making Rick vanish in order to further their financial stranglehold on the world, and gamers step into this scenario as Francis Rixon, an agency operative tasked with infiltrating the corporation to find information about both Rick and the mysterious life-sustaining mineral. Players undertake multiple objectives on two different planets, each filled with destructible environments, lifelike physics, and multiple attack and transport vehicles. Gamers can use a wide variety of weapons to take out their enemies, and up to ten people can square off in Internet and LAN multiplayer battles.


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