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Konami's critically acclaimed soccer series continues on the PC platform with Pro Evolution Soccer 2008. The development team's primary focus was improving the artificial intelligence found in the previous installment, so it created a "Teamvision" system for more dynamic opponents that adapt to a player's strategies or tendencies. Defenses, for example, will alter formations based on your attacking patterns, goalkeepers will do a better job at holding the ball close, and teammates will more aggressively get open on offense. Animations have been refined in an attempt to make passing, dribbling, and shooting more responsive, while greater detail has been added to the 3D player models.

The single-player Master League mode includes 20 teams, weekly reports, highlights on the main menu screen, and other embellishments. Player negotiations are influenced by a club's popularity rating, adding a layer of depth to the transfer system. The PC version includes 15 stadiums, commentary from John Champion and Mark Lawrenson, and over 3,000 professional athletes. Teams and players can be edited as in previous games, with the new option of importing faces captured by a USB camera. Brazil, Portugal, Greece, Scotland, and Ireland join the list of officially licensed National teams, increasing the total number of playable clubs to more than 250. Online support is also included for both ranked and friendly matches.


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