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The FlatOut demolition racing series makes its third appearance on the PC with Ultimate Carnage. Building on the first two titles, the game increases the number of onscreen cars, expands the amount of smashable objects, and ups each vehicle's polygon count. Players can once again embark on a career mode that involves advancing through three distinct classes and engaging in multiple events, from destruction derbies to time trials. Up to 12 cars are available on each course at any given time, each offering 40 points of damage for realistic crumples, dents, sideswipes, and head-on collisions.

FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage features six themed environments, including deserts, city streets, forests, fields, and canals. A total of 40 tracks offer multiple routes and 8,000 destructible elements, from telephone poles to billboards and nearly everything in between. FlatOut's body-tossing mini-games return for more masochistic mayhem, which involves catapulting drivers through windshields and into specific targets. Online support via Internet is included for the single-player modes as well as multiplayer "Head On" challenges and "Deathmatch Derbies." Stats and point totals for each race type are tracked as an incentive for drivers to top previous high scores.


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