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THQ and developer Volition's answer to Grand Theft Auto returns for another over-the-top outing with Saints Row 2. After being betrayed by your former crew and left to whither away in a vegetative state, you awaken with a singular purpose: to reclaim your territory one brick at a time. The setting is once again the fictitious city of Stilwater, where you'll rebuild the Saints gang and eliminate all rivals who dare lay claim to your turf. You'll now be able to customize your character in an assortment of ways, from modifying his (or her) appearance to decorating "cribs" to acquiring the latest and greatest in criminal couture. The action is viewed from a third-person perspective as you explore a free-roaming city filled with vehicles, pedestrians, and police officers. Weapons range from high-powered tools of destruction, such as a mini-gun, rocket-propelled grenade launcher, and flame-thrower, to offbeat armaments like a stun gun, chainsaw, and defibrillator.

Previous visitors to Stilwater will notice the city has undergone several community-wide changes. Stilwater has grown in size and offers more things to see and do. The powerful Ultor Corporation has spent a considerable fortune in revitalizing the once stagnant city, and the business will become as much a hostile threat as the rival gangs you're looking to remove from power. New modes of transportation include motorcycles, boats, and aircraft. In addition to the main storyline, which features over 40 missions, Saints Row 2 includes various activities and "diversions" that involve racing, drug trafficking, going on rampages, and more. Combat also offers more options, from using human shields to firing weapons with precision targeting. The latter's "fine aim" technique switches the default perspective to an over-the-shoulder view. Saints Row 2 further distinguishes itself by including two-player cooperative action throughout the main campaign as well as competitive multiplayer modes via Internet.

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