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Through the heavily combated skies of World War I and World War II, Air Conflicts players pilot era-authentic planes in famous historical battles and crucial secret missions. The game is played from the cockpits of 16 different aircraft from both World Wars, each recreated in detail to provide an accurate sense of firepower and handling. The game is broken into seven campaigns, set in different times and places throughout these two great global conflicts of the 20th century. The campaigns serve up four dozen missions, ranging from recon and escort to bombardment and air space clearance.

With each successful sortie, the player earns upgrades, which can be used to make the aircraft more powerful or easier to control. The airborne combat takes place over historically researched re-creations of war-torn landscapes. The game's "Arcade" mode offers simple and intuitive handling, while "Simulation" mode presents more realistically challenging controls, and more freedom for expert pilots.


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