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A cousin of the popular military simulator ArmA II, Iron Front: Liberation puts gamers in the midst of the final Eastern Front battles of WWII. Primarily a first-person shooter, but mixing in tank battles, aerial dogfights, bombing runs, and squad-based tactics, players can try to break through the German defenses as a member of the Soviet Red Army, or join the German Wehrmacht in trying to repel the Soviet advance. Both campaigns contain eight different missions, and all of the action is set in the dutifully re-created towns and fields of southern Poland.

There are more than 40 era-authentic vehicles available, including tanks, fighter jets, and bombers, and gamers can also make use of a large arsenal of grenades, mines, automatic weapons, and artillery, all of which inflict realistic damage to vehicles, enemies, and the environment. Multiplayer fans can head online for the usual suite of competitive and co-op modes, including "Capture the Flag" and "Attack and Defense," while creative players can use the included mission editor to design their own battles and share them with friends.


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