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Action Stations is a Naval Surface Combat Tactical Simulation covering the years 1922-1945. The game treats thoroughly in detail smoke, starshells, flares, searchlights, radar, shore batteries, stack gasses, aircraft recce and spotting, burning oil slicks, capsized hulks, weather and more. Ship classes go from PT Boats to Battleships and represent the U.S., German, British, Italian, French, Japanese, Dutch and Russian Fleets. Many "design only" classes included. In addition to 30 packaged scenarios, the build scenario feature allows you to generate an infinite number of new situations.

Arguably the best RAW Entertainment game and one of the most comprehensive naval simulations ever designed, Action Stations! is a very comprehensive simulation of surface warfare before and during World War II (between 1922-45). In the words of M. Evan Brooks: "Excellent research and complexities were marred by poor graphics and an awkward user interface. Still, it is the most detailed simulation ever attempted for this historical period, and can still serve as an effective research tool." Overall, a must have for every armchair fleet commander that remains today one of the most accurate and complex naval wargame ever made. It was also deservedly a candidate for Computer Gaming World's "Wargame of the Year" award in 1990.

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