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True to the aircraft's flexibility, you pilot the F-16 in assignments as diverse as dogfights, bombing raids or reconnaissance missions. It is up to you to plan your flight route by setting waypoints on the tactical map prior to take-off; you can also (but need not) select the armament of your plane. When you have accumulated enough flight experience, you may command entire squadrons in the fictional Operation Conquest campaign, a simple simulation of an entire war theater that already hinted at what would later become DI's Virtual Battlefield.

F-16 Combat Pilot allows multiplayer duels via modem or serial link.

Digital Integration's first sim that was published by Electronic Arts still stands the test of time as an accurate simulation of F-16 Falcon (given the hardware limits of its time). Outstanding campaign and training mode first seen in this game would become DI's hallmark. As you progress through the game, you will be assigned to different squadrons, each based in a different location. You can pick what mission to fly from a number of available mission types: Scramble (dogfight), Hammerblow (ground attack on military targets), Deepstrike (ground attack on bridges, factories etc.), Tankbuster (anti-tank), and Watchtower (reconnaissance). Once more, DI outdid themselves with a solid sim that would undergo a heavy remake a decade later.

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